About Us

Palm sugar is made from fresh sap water from kawung tree (Latin: Arenga Pinnata) which grows naturally through intermediary of civet and then processed by human organically with special treatment from generation to generation which respects nature especially kawung tree yapped. It is a sugar found by Sundanese ancestors for healthy sweeteners rich in nutrients and usability. Globalized since centuries ago, then eroded sugar cane developed by Dutch colonial in Indonesia. Arenga Palm Sugar contains low Glycemic Index even lower than honey so it is safe for diabetics. In addition, it tastes more exotic and leaves no traces of acid on the tongue and is safe for stomach. By using Arenga Palm Sugar we indirectly preserve the kawung trees, help to maintain the ecosystem and also to improve the economic level of the farmers of Arenga Palm Sugar.

What We Make

We make Arenga Sugar from Arenga Palm Tree’s Sap. Cooked and processed until granulated to powder. Purity guaranteed as it is traditionally made without chemicals or preservatives added, can be stored for up to 1 year. Low Glycemic Index, Hygiene, Practical, and Easily Soluble (Moist <2%).

The distinctive flavor and aroma are suitable to enjoy coffee, tea, chocolate beverages, may as well used in baking and as sweeteners of various food dishes, juices or other beverages. We provide Bulk ( 1 kg & 25 kg) and Retail Pack (500 gr & 250 gr) or you can customize your own pack.


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